quarta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2009

Brenda Holloway - The Motown Anthology

Presentinho de final de ano pra moçada que curte soul. Play duplo da Brenda Holloway, de extrema qualidade e destinada ao público de bom gosto. Dá pra ter uma overdose de Brenda Holloway, com tantas músicas. Hehe
Divirtam-se! :)

The Motown Anthology Disc 1

01. I've been good to you
02. Sad song
03. Every little bit hurts
04. Too proud to cry
05. Who's loving you
06. Land of a thousand boys
07. Suddenly
08. Embraceable you
09. Unchaneid melody
10. A favor for a girl (with a love sick heart)
11. (You can) Depend on me
12. Can I
13. When i'm gone
14. Just look what you've done
15. You've made me so very happy
16. I don't want nobody's gonna make me cry
17. Till Johnny comes [stereo mix]
18. Hurt a little everyday
19. Starting the hurt all over
20. You can cry on my shoulder
21. A world without you
22. I'll be alright
23. Everybody knows
24. Make him come to you


The Motown Anthology Disc 2

01. Think it over (Before you break my heart)
02. I'll aways love you
03. Operator
04. I'll be available
05. Together 'til the end of time
06. Where were you
07. I've got to find it
08. How many times did you mean it
09. You've changed me
10. All I do is think about you
11. Who could ever doubt my love
12. Come into my place
13. He's my kind of fellow
14. You need me
15. Love woke me up this morning
16. I prayed for a boy (like you)
17. Don't judge me
18. I'll aways meet you half away
19. You are very much a part of me
20. I'm on the right track
21. How can you call it love when the felling's gone
22. I see a rainbow
23. Play it cool, stay in school
24. Summertime [Live]


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Benoît disse...

Thank you so much, she is a gem... But the link to disc 2 seems to send to disc 1 also?

Byrd disse...

Thanks to tell me the problem, the link is okay now! =)

k66 disse...

Hi, great post but disk one is no longer there. Can you repost? thanks.

javiercrasher disse...

could you repost the link to cd-1 ?
thanks and excuse my bad english!

Andy disse...

hey could you fix the dead link (CD1)? thanks

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, disse...

Hello, the link for Volume 1 is still dead, respective not valid.

Can somebody fix this, or leave a link here to another source? It would be such a pity to get only have the album.

Thank you.

Lupine Assassin disse...

Please re-post link 1.